Egg Freezing

Social Freezing involves the freezing of egg cells, which are then stored until such a time as pregnancy is desired. Freezing halts the ageing process of the egg cells, meaning that they can be fertilized at the desired time, in their original quality.


The optimal age for women to become pregnant is between 18 and 25 years old. However, nowadays the period of life during which women are, from a biological perspective, at their most fertile rarely corresponds with the period of their lives in which they want to have children. Between the ages of 20 and 30 there are a host of other concerns that take precedence over starting a family when planning out their lives, or they may not have found the right partner yet.


Social Freezing is becoming increasingly prevalent as a means of active and family planning. The eggs cells that are cryopreserved during social freezing do not age, but rather remain fully intact and in the same condition as prior to being frozen. They can then be thawed out and fertilized at the desired point in time. As such, with the help of social freezing, you can wait for the right time to have children without any cause for concern. Whenever you want to get pregnant, you can simply have the egg cells thawed out, in what is a highly flexible procedure.

We can meet with you to take a thorough medical history and to clarify where you stand and what possibilities social freezing can offer for you.

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